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Petra Daniels
United States

Hi and Welcome to my Page! Some of my favorite things are; Spending time with my two girls. playing music, writing music & listening to music. Doing crafts with my kids, traveling, swimming, rollerblading, and..... discovering the world through the internet. ______________________________________________________________________ Click for Detroit, Michigan Forecast -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ********************************************************************* ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Software Bargains

My Snazzy List of Links

Cheryl's Homepage
My best friend's page
excite classic games powered by ten
I love to play Eucre! (I'm PDD3 in there)
Chicago mosaic homepage
This page was very helpful in planning a Chicago trip I'm taking with my kids and Cheryl and her kids!
songs for scouts
lot's of fun and FUNNY songs here
Kratts Creatures
my daughter's favorite
kids and family...let's celebrate today
lots of fun things to do Michigan
family crafts, outings, and fun things to do

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